Hello, my name is Cori and I am obsessively lazy.


I do things, I just don’t know that those things are what I should be doing for the rest of my life, forever and ever, the end. Even as a DINK living in sunny CA with a fabulous husband and a great career in I.T., I feel myself succumbing to the daily grind.

With this one life, I need to find my passion; attain enlightenment; give generously; and be healthy enough to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Those are some lofty goals so I’ve decided to start small.

This blog will be an experiment in discovery, discipline, and improvement. By combining my search for my passion with the focus of building good habits I will strive to control my penchant for preoccupation. I have laid out a road map for myself, and the habits I will discuss here will help me to achieve my goals.

I will be taking on 1-2 new habits at a time, with clear action plans and milestones. This public accountability should help me to stick with it. I’m taking this journey to better myself and to find kindred spirits.

Let us delight in the adventure first hand!

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