Food Friday – The Middle

Today is day 34 of our 66 day challenge to eat at least one 8WW approved meal per day. We’ll start with the stats!

Action Plan Progress:

  • 0/2 recipes from SparksRecipes attempted
  • DONE – 3/2 recipes from the 8WW workbook attempted
  • BONUS – 3 recipes from Mayo Clinic attempted
  • Keep a photo journal on Instagram
  • Down 5.6 pounds in 34 days
  • 5/10 weekly progress updates about developing better eating habits posted

Grade: A

Lessons Learned: I have to be content with slow and steady weight loss, as we are trying to build a habit not crash diet. To that end, I am pleased with the progress Clayton and I have made. He has also lost 5 pounds. We’re half way to our goal of losing 10 pounds at the half way point! We even maintained our weight on a trip to California, which surprised me.

Incremental changes are working! Building on my 10,000 steps a day and smoothie habits are contributing to the success of this change in one meal a day. Reflecting on the impact of these small changes keeps me motivated in cultivating better habits.

Please share any advice or inspiration for the second half of this habit in the comments!

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