Smoothie Sunday – The End

SmoothieTargetReachedAnother target reached! Lets start with the stats

Action Plan Progress:

  • DONE – 66 consecutive days of drinking a fruit and vegetable smoothie.
  • DONE – Smoothies have been consistently prepared a week in advance.
  • DONE – 66 photos with smoothie recipes shared on Instagram.
  • DONE – 2 books read on food science.
  • DONE – 3 new restaurants with vegetarian options visited.
  • DONE – 11 weekly posts shared.
  • My weight has not changed since adding smoothies to my diet.
  • Aborted – 2 cooking classes taken that will help us get more vegetables in our meals.
    • Found 2 new vegan YouTube chefs to follow.

Grade: B

Incentive: Since a B is still passing, Clayton and I will be going on an excursion while in Mexico!


Lessons Learned:

The most important thing I learned through this exercise is that I hate vegetables, but I have come to enjoy my green smoothies. I cannot say if there has been an objective improvement to my health, but subjectively I can rationalize that getting more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is better than not getting them. I will keep up with this habit and look forward to sampling new fruits and vegetables in my recipes.

6 Month Goals:

  • Read 1 new book on food science
  • Try 1 new vegetarian restaurant

Please enjoy the holiday season, and look for new habits from me next year!

2 thoughts on “Smoothie Sunday – The End

  1. Smoothies haven’t helped you lose weight? Dammit! I was honestly planning to replace a meal with a smoothie to help me lose some baby weight while still making sure I’m eating enough fruits and veggies.


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