Meditation Monday – The Start

In the fall of 2013 my husband, Clayton, and I did the 8 Weeks to Wellness program through our chiropractor’s office. While our results were not as spectacular as his, I did come away with a lot of healthy habits. It was also my first foray into meditation and I would love to make the habit stick this time around.

Habit: Meditate for 10-30 minutes everyday for 66 days.

Start Date: Sunday, 08/09/2015

Projected End Date: Tuesday, 10/13/2015

Action Plan:

  • Keep a daily photo journal of the various locations where I meditate.
  • Read two books related to meditation.
  • Reach out to two people who can provide insights about meditating.
  • Attend two meditation classes.
  • Experiment with different meditation techniques (walking meditation, candle staring, etc.).
  • Post weekly progress updates on Mondays about developing my meditation habit.

Incentive: When I meet my goal of meditating everyday for 66 days, my reward will be a half to full day meditation retreat!

Lofty Goal: Attaining enlightenment & being healthy!

It is becoming generally accepted that meditation can have many health benefits. I can certainly spare 10-30 minutes a day to help improve my concentration and lower my stress levels. Also becoming centered and finding inner peace seems like a great place to start when trying to become more enlightened.

Do you have any great tips on meditation? Please share your experience in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Meditation Monday – The Start

  1. Hi Cori! I read “Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life” by Thích Nhất Hạnh about four years ago and I found it to be a very accessible book on meditation. I also read the blog Zen Habits ( and find the posts to be very thought-provoking.

    I don’t meditate, although I’ve taken some classes and a mindfulness meditation course. I wish I could develop the habit. Good luck with your journey!

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  2. Thanks for the recommendations, Amy! I perused Zen Habits, and really liked it. I will add Peace is Every Step to my to-read list as well. If you ever want to try dropping in on an open meditation session with me, let me know! I am sure we can find a location in the SWSubs.


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