Writing Wednesday – The Start

After reading The Happiness Advantage two years ago I was turned on to the idea of journaling. I kept a daily journal for almost a year, but recently have fallen out of the habit. When I decided start cultivating better habits, it made sense to start here.

Habit: Work on this blog for at least 1 hour everyday for 66 days.

Start Date: Sunday, 08/02/2015

Projected End Date: Tuesday, 10/06/2015

Action Plan:

  • Read two books related to writing or blogging that will help me focus my efforts.
  • Reach out to two people who can provide insights about blogging.
  • Take a Coursera course related to writing.
  • Post weekly progress updates on Wednesdays about developing my blogging habit.

Incentive: When I meet my goal of working on the blog everyday for 66 days, my reward will be an upgrade to my blog!

Lofty Goal: Finding my passion

Blogging about cultivating better habits will allow me to reflect on the progress I make. I also hope that by taking the time to analyze each habit I will discover my true motivation behind it. By trying to only cultivate habits that speak to my lofty goals I can hone in on what really drives me.

If you’ve dabbled with blogging and have some great tips on getting started please share in the comments!

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